Restart mac time machine backup

If you use a network-attached storage device or Time Capsule as the backup disk for Time Machine, make sure that both the backup disk and your Mac are on the same network.

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  2. How to Fully Restore macOS From a Time Machine Backup in Recovery Mode;
  3. How to restore your Mac from a Time Machine backup in Recovery Mode;

Depending on your configuration, do one of the following:. To restore your Mac to the state it was in before you installed the new version of macOS, choose the most recent backup that occurred before you installed the macOS update.

Turn Your NAS Or Windows Share Into A Time Machine Backup

How to boot your Mac into Internet Recovery Mode. When you're asked how you want to transfer your information, select the option to transfer from a Mac, Time Machine backup, or startup disk. Then click Continue. Select your Time Machine backup, then click Continue. If you're asked to choose from a list of backups organized by date and time, choose a backup and click Continue.

Select the information to transfer, then click Continue to start the transfer.

How to boot from an external drive that contains time machine backup?

This screen might look different on your Mac: If you have a lot of content, the transfer might take several hours to finish. When the transfer is complete, restart your Mac and log in to the migrated account to see its files. Restore both macOS and your files These steps erase your hard disk, then use your backup to restore both your files and the specific version of macOS you were using when you created the backup.

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  5. Restore from a Time Machine backup!
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Make sure that your Time Machine backup disk is connected and turned on. Click Continue, then click Continue again on the next screen.

Create a Time Machine backup

Select your Time Machine backup disk as the restore source, then click Continue. Select your storage device as the backup disk When you connect an external drive directly to your Mac, you might be asked if you want to use the drive to back up with Time Machine. If Time Machine doesn't ask to use your drive, follow these steps to add it manually: Open Time Machine preferences from the Time Machine menu in the menu bar. Select your external drive from the list of available disks.

Restore your Mac from a backup

Enjoy the convenience of automatic backups After you select a backup disk, Time Machine immediately begins making periodic backups—automatically and without further action by you. Learn more Restore your Mac from a backup Other ways to back up and restore files If you back up to multiple disks, you can switch disks before entering Time Machine. To stop excluding an item, such as an external hard drive, select the item and click the Remove — button.

If using Time Machine to back up to a network disk, you can verify those backups to make sure they're in good condition. In OS X Lion v Press and hold Option as your Mac starts up.

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